Embarking on a Hair Journey

Many of us need a full reset with our haircare regimen in order to consciously incorporate holistic ways of taking care of our hair. Some may have done the “big chop” (the act of cutting the majority -or all- of our hair) not only to start fresh, but to take a hair risk as well. If you are someone who falls in either category or somewhere in between, what is your reason?

The Big Chop: Limiting or Liberating

There are: No Rules, No Expectations, No Limitations. There is nothing stopping you other than what you self- impose. Big Chop Nation is a platform for women to share their best tips for natural hair care so others can adopt, enhance and in turn share their stories of success with each other.

YOUR Story Can Be Herstory

For women who have ever contemplated or were brave enough to execute the “big chop,” we want to learn the details of your journey. Regardless of whether you have achieved your desired length or degree of fullness, we each have a story and tips to share.

Welcome to YOUR Community